I've noticed that I have not fully grieved over my dog passing away. It's been a month, she passed away in my husband's arms on our bed, we think from some sort of heart failure or cancer. I only took 2 days off of work and during that time I was very low. I wasn't contemplating unaliving myself, but I just wanted to stop working, stop trying, just exist. Even just existing seemed hard. We cremated her so I have her urn in my room, but she was a part of my life for 15 years. If you ask anyone, she was my baby. she would follow me around the house, she would only eat if I was near her, she was protective of me, etc. How do I go through this process while still having to Adult and not be a burden on others?

Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)


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  • MsMandaPanda


    I lost my dog March 3rd like yours he died in my arms. It’s still hard. When they are part of our lives for so long, it takes a huge piece when they leave. The best thing I can do is take it day by day. I still cry, I still look for him, I freaking miss him. I feel empty even though my spouse got me a puppy a few weeks prior to my guy passing. It takes time to grieve. It just is going to put you in a really down mood for some time. When you don’t feel like getting up go shower. I promise it helps. It is just getting you up and doing something for you, if you cry in the shower ok. Dogs are a huge part of our lives and when loosing them it is as if we lost a family member. Allow yourself to grieve and do not let anyone make you feel dumb for doing so. 🤗

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