Any advice on how to maintain eye contact? It's gotten so bad that I cant even rly have eye contact with my closest friends without feeling like a cobra is curling around me :/

Social Anxiety

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  • Verra


    I like to look into people's eyes. But not as a person staring at me. But just like as an object. The eye itself. I like to look at it like art. Because the color and the way it's shaped is so pretty and interesting. So just admire the color and pattern in their eyes as a piece of art. Not as a person staring at you

  • 8BitHeartAttack.Bit


    Look in between their eyes

  • BHC


    So me personally I like keeping eye contact it lets them know you are listening but if you don't want to make eye contact then do it ever so often but while they are talking nod your head to let them know you are listening. I get this way when I make eye contact with my crush but not really my friends

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