I’m semi-verbal and i love being non-verbal so much. It makes me so so happy to not speak. At the same time, i hate how hard it is to communicate with verbal people. Especially because i’m so nervous to use AAC because i feel like people are gonna judge me. Does anyone else relate?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • Midorihp


    I love being selectively mute! Communicating is difficult

  • Ren.exe


    I go non-verbal sometimes. It makes me happy not to speak too. Using AAC is hard bc of others for me too. No help/advice but definitely relate.

  • Rayyybies


    Im nonverbal/semiverbal sometimes as well. ^^ I found the only way I was able to be less anxious about using AAC was to do it with friends! I have one friend who's also autistic, and depending on the contexts we both use them. Maybe a close friend/partner would be willing to walk around town and use one with you so you didn't feel so out of place?

  • SunInAugust


    Sometimrs i type up what I wanna say on my phone and hand it to my friends. They have never batted an eye - they welcome all forms of communication from me.

  • Tired247


    Yeah I'm the same way. I absolutely love just not talking, it makes me so happy. Yes I do hum here and there in response but I love just not using words. I'm just lucky my mom knows sign so there's that I have going for me and it's easier for me to sign then talk.

  • DarkLadyOfDNA


    I was an early talker as a kid, as a late diagnosed adult I feel so at peace when I'm in a place where I can communicate with talking

  • Skunkfairy


    i love not talking but it’s hard when i was raised to communicate with my voice at all times. i have aac but i don’t use it bc i’m scared

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