Has anyone had the surgery to remove either the cyst or the adrenal gland or both yet?

Benign Adrenal Gland Tumor

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  • Marina5


    Yes I had both removed

    • Madmongoose4


      how big was your tumor or cyst? Mine is only 1.5 cm. I’m still doing test but I don’t think I’m at the surgery stage yet. Has your health improved or do you have a better quality of life after the surgery? I hope so.

  • Madmongoose4


    Feel if need support or need someone to talk to. I’ll pray for you.

  • Marina5


    4.5 and 6 Life is different, I am now adrenal deficient because they had to take both. I take steroids daily to make up for it but it is not the same, anyway you slice it it’s better than the alternative, but still a daily struggle.

  • Anniegirl


    Why did you have them removed? I have a tumor, just diagnosed.

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