Does anybody else have problems with brushing their teeth? I struggle with brushing my teeth and I only do it about once a week, if that. My mom says I’m gross and disgusting and is trying to get me to do it once a day but I just hate doing it and it makes me uncomfortable. She is trying to help out but doesn’t really know how. She got me non minty mouthwash and toothpaste because I don’t like mint but I was just wondering if anyone me else has this issue

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  • ASulSul


    I used to have this exact same problem before I got into therapy/got my med situation sorted out. I understand it's really hard to do things like brush your teeth when you have so little energy, so when I got medicated it helped a lot with my energy levels. I definitely don't think you're gross and disgusting; I just view this as another part of our terrible illness. I hope you're able to find a solution soon!

  • dreams22


    I’m having trouble as well, especially since I’ve been nauseous with one of the medicines I’m taking and it triggers it when I wash my teeth. Now I’m anxious about my teeth health in addition. I’m going to try also getting nice flavors. Maybe it will help.

  • alien.garbage


    I struggle with basic hygiene as well. I don't have a solution, just know you're not alone❤

  • Kcpooh


    Self care is a huge issue for me. I have worked on it in therapy but still struggle doing things like brushing my teeth or washing my hair, I try not to beat myself over it because that only makes it worse.

  • nikko


    I have this problem. It’s awful, and I feel like the people around me don’t actually understand how disgusting it feels for me as well. Same thing with occasionally going through periods where I don’t shower at all when I’m manic / not cleaning my room at all when I’m depressed. It’s like I constantly get told I’m insane and losing it but a lot of the people around me seem to be in some sort of denial of my illness as well, despite being diagnosed with bipolar for quite a bit now. I’ve just kinda gotten into the habit of showering at least once every day or two, and brushing my teeth in there. It feels easier for me to already be in the shower with the purpose of cleaning myself and then brushing my teeth after

  • lizziemay


    get a mouthwash, it takes much less time. if i don’t feel like brushing i use the oragel antiseptic mouthwash for mouth sores because i chew on my cheeks

  • GreenMomB


    I do. I'm sorry I don't have any advice. Just wanted you to know you are not alone.

  • andromache


    Sounds like you may have sensory issues about brushing teeth. I would break it down: is it the standing in the bathroom? the texture of the bristles? the taste of the toothpaste? see if you can modify any factors and evaluate whether the mental block changes

  • AlyssaNicole89


    I could cry right now reading I am not the only one that this affects. Even if I am taking care of myself in every other way, brushing my teeth is still my biggest struggle and I have no idea why! I hate the act of it but I love the clean feeling when I actually do it. My teeth are gettin into bad shape now and I’ve already lost 3 molars but I just can’t seem to change my ways. It’s become a financial stressor now too

  • Kix


    I think a lot more neurotypical people struggle with this than you would think. I’ve had a LOT of roommates who were all “normal” and so many complained about brushing their teeth or I noticed they skipped it often. Unfortunately I would use that to justify not brushing my own teeth 🙈 although to a much lesser extent. It is just worse for people like us. A week is a long time though I wouldn’t worry about what your mom thinks or says but you will end up with a lot of tooth problems which can be painful when you get older if you don’t change your habits. If you want to avoid future pain I would try to get on top of it. I notice when I have an electric toothbrush and the right toothpaste it’s wayyyy easier to brush my teeth. You should try lots of different kinds there’s charcoal toothbrushes, ones with 3 heads, or ones that look like whole mouth guards that you just stick in your mouth and leave it. There’s even natural ones made out of bamboo sticks lol If you can’t brush you should at least try mouth wash or flossing. Water piks can be really satisfying and they have no taste or If you put a pack of flossing picks next to your bed you can zone out and do it while you watch your favorite tv show. I haaaaaaated flossing and wouldn’t do it for years now I reach for them without even realizing it!!!!

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