so im not actually diagnosed yet but i fit the DSM 5 criteria, how did you get diagnosed and how has your diagnosis impacted your life?

Narcissistic personality disorder

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  • Stampede


    i have both NPD and BPD at first my doctor thought it was narcissist traits that came with BPD sometimes but i took the DSM-5 and did some of my own research on NPD and terms that they used (ex. covert/overt, somatic/cerebral) and brought it back up with my doctor and he diagnosed me my diagnosis helped me a lot, before i was, a lot of the time i hid that part of myself away from myself and the world because i was ashamed and embarrassed. But having a better understanding of why i feel the way that i do and that im not just a "bad person" helps a lot :)

  • tr0j4n.gl1tch


    Getting diagnosed made me realize that many and I mean MANY people don't know how Cluster B PDs work as pwPDs are often stigmatized as "abusive" or "harmful". It also helped me feel better that I finally learned why I act the way I do.

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