So anybody got any ideas on what i might have or what i should push for testing my symptoms are tingling in hands and feet and it feels like someone is hugging me when no one is all while this is going on i have a headache with eye pain going on.

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  • Aria17


    Not sure what might be causing these symptoms, but a neurologist may be helpful. If you haven't been to the optometrist for awhile, that may be helpful as well, especially for the headaches and eye pain

    • Nikki7113


      just went in November

  • KnotTheEndoTheWhirl


    I had similar symptoms and, in addition to getting in to see a neurologist, I got MRIs of brain and spine, and I got blood work. I can’t really explain the findings from the MRI, but something potentially connected that is typically resolved with PT. Bloodwork showed low folate which apparently can cause these symptoms. Neurologist is doing an EMG.

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