my girlfriend and i broke up pretty recently and im having a hard time admitting that im struggling with it. ive always been pretty apathetic towards myself and my own emotions and been able to depersonalize from upsetting situations around me and im frustrated that i cant just do the same now.
i just want to be okay and go back to my life before we were together... except shes one of my best friends, and was a fixture in my life before we ever dated, and im realizing that things are never gonna be the same.
she was always my number one and my biggest supporter in bettering myself and taking care of myself and my body. she always encouraged me to get the help i need and lended a hand in finding resources without babying me or doing it all for me. but the other day i reached out discuss sending some of her things back and nothing was the same. it wasnt even like we were strangers, just two completely different people than we were a few weeks ago.
it just feels so stupid. i feel like we didnt even date long enough to warrant being this upset, and maybe we truly didnt, but im realizing that beyond that im losing my best friend. ive lost one of my strongest support beams and theres nothing i can do about it. i feel embarrassingly lost without her.


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    I completely understand that. I'm so sorry you're going through this. My ex broke up with me five months ago which I still can't understand why. He supported me through everything and was very understanding of my mental problems and trauma. He was the reason I was feeling more confident and started taking care of myself more. Even though our time together was quite short, I still think of him sometime. I loved him so much, he was almost the best man I dated, but no one is perfect and people always change. And even with everything I said, he had his flaws and problems as well, and he was never willing to communicate with me throughout the relationship. I guess he wasn't feeling the same. One day you're so close with someone you feel like nothing could go wrong, but then the next day they can act like you don't even exist in their world. It's a sad reality especially for people like me who struggle with attachment issues. My advise is that if you want to move on, please cut off contact with your ex and try to hang out more with your friends/family if it's possible. Don't get too stuck on the past, I know how it is and I still sometimes relive my memories with my ex. Just remember that time will help you heal, and hopefully one day you'll be able to find someone else. I wish you the best.

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