Well this is awkward, sharing my health issues with perfect strangers but it’s worth a shot, I guess.

I don’t know where to begin but here goes :)

I had a dull pain right in the middle of my rib cage where the flexible part of my breast bone is. It was behind here and would spread to the left or right. I had Ct scans, endoscopies, and nothing was found apart from mild gastritis. This has been going on for a decade now but the location of the pain has moved to the right hand side just below my bottom most rib. It’s not my ribs that are painful it’s deeper than that although I cannot reach the “sweet spot” to coin a phrase. I’ve been diagnosed with a fatty liver and am about to have an ultrasound scan of my gall bladder etc.
Anybody relate to any of this with maybe some pointers?

Chronic Abdominal and Flank pain

Fatty Liver Disease (FLD)

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