Has anyone taken Exedrin for a prolonged period of time and has it has any lasting negative effects? I’ve gotten off of it several times, but the migraines persist so I get back on it because it seems to be the only thing that works.


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  • Bri0207


    My tea helps with ginger, lemons and Asian dates. Excederin is the only medication that works for me too, but I’m trying other methods. Oh yeah, get some topical pain relief and put it on your temples and back of neck/ lay down and deep breaths

  • ShelbyLane


    I use that too. It seems to work better than my Rx's for it. I haven't taken it long term though. However my grandmother took it for hers too but I don't know if she had any side effects either unfortunately. I wish I could b more helpful.

  • Akani


    Taking it over and over for migraine could lead to rebound headaches and the aspirin in it can cause stomach damage.

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