Me and my therapist are working on routines and personal hygiene. My parents just scheduled my GED without consulting me 🤦‍♀️.

My depression keeps me in bed most of the day and is extremely debilitating. I have been making a ton of progress lately though. I've started showering at least once a week, doing laundry, and changing my clothes more often! However, yesterday my father accused me of relying heavily on medication and not putting the work in to exercise, drink more water, and things like that. I told him "I can barely get out of bed! I am working on that first!", or something along those lines.

I would love to here others storys about others not understanding your depression, it would make me feel less alone in this. ❤️


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  • Lucilou


    My mom has depression but it's not nearly as bad as mine. She tries to understand it but says things like "just push through" or "I don't understand why you don't just..." I'm sick of explaining it to her. My husband has even started to be like that. Its hard.

  • froggi.e


    personal hygiene and cleanliness in general have always been the biggest struggles when my depressive episodes occur and it suckssssssss, i luckily have a mom who is extremely understanding and helpful but when my dad was alive he never got it. he dismissed it all and made me feel horrible for it which i later realized because of his own mental illness. but it still is difficult for me to work through not feeling so overwhelmed with guilt

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