I've had chronic knee pain basically since I got out of high school. It was a sports related injury and, being a tall guy, I'm more prone to knee pain and such. I blew out the miniscus in both of my knees so it's bone on bone grinding. Going down stairs or downhill is the most painful. I'm currently not on any meds for this condition but I have an upcoming doctor appointment in which I'll request medication. I've been to physical therapy and, a long time ago, saw an orthopedic doctor. Nothing seems to help my pain and my knees are always swollen. I take acetaminophen and ibuprofen and I wear a knee brace. That helps a little bit not much at all. My daily pain on a 1-10 is between 7 and 9. It's painful to do anything. Walking, standing, sitting, laying down. It all hurts. What can I do to help mitigate this pain or remove it completely?


Pain in joints of lower leg


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