I have chronic back trouble. Have to walk with a cane. 80 years old and a heart condition so not considering back surgery. Is there anything I can do to ease the pain?

Chronic Generalized pain





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  • ShaeJack21


    For me hot baths with Epsom salt and drinking enough water has helped to where it is barable also gentle stretches like laying on my back on a bed and slowly pulling my knees towards my chest helps when I've been up all day. Hope this helps some

  • LittlePhantom


    Heating pads help with the pain or ibuprofen plus the heating pad

  • Addybody


    You can also ask about prescribed numbing patches, lidocaine or diclofenac, the latter being more effective and longer lasting. The patches are small but some relief is better than none, I rotate these With the heating pad

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