recently noticed i have a bald spot on the back of my head due to malnutrition from gastroparesis. my hair has been shedding a LOT for awhile now, but my hair has always been thick and i don't brush or wash my hair daily because i'm exhausted and didn't want more hair shedding. has anyone else experienced this? and if so how has trying to grow your hair back worked for you?

i have my appointment with a surgeon for a GJ tube + GPOEM tomorrow so i'll see how that will go and hopefully get good nutrition sooner than later, i've been waiting for what feels like forever though.. :(




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  • Galaxy_Guy_Kai


    I know this is a month late, but… Yes, I went through this for a while. I recommend protein shakes and vitamins. Lots of vitamins. It sucks, but it helps. Also, try to eat little meals a day. Don’t have three big meals, have six small meals. If you can’t do that? Protein shakes again. Also, take biotin and use biotin shampoo for hair growth! It has done me wonders. I wish you the best of luck. I hope the surgery goes/went well.

    • StarrySouls


      thank you for the advice, and your comment is honestly great timing because i just got GJ tube surgery today and it went well, so i'll finally be able to get the nutrition i need! i've been researching vitamins so i can find organic ones and i found some brands that seem pretty good, and once i see a nutritionist i'll get a good plan 😊

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