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Ok so I have pcos and I’ve gained some weight over the past couple of months (mainly just covid weight, I’m generally at a healthy weight still) and I also developed Ancothosis Nigricans on my neck. My doctor wants to prescribe metformin to deal with this on my neck. She says the meds will lower my insulin which will fix the discoloration on my neck because it’s an internal issue. Anybody have experience with this ? If so, how did it work out for you?


Polycystic Ovary (PCOS)

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  • Kassj0905


    I’m on metformin and it’s not worth it in my opinion… it words for a while then it stops and if you want to get off of it it heightens your risk for cancer .

    • http.sunflower


      interesting…. If that’s the case then I’d rather stop taking it sooner than later. Thank you for your response ❤️

    • QueenElsa931


      yeah I was on it too For pcos just not worth it.

  • JanL


    I can't tolerate that med. The color on your neck will get better if u exercise and lay off carbs.

    • http.sunflower


      thank you! Yeah I’m going to the gym a lot now and carbs are a killer for me, I’m always drawn to eating pasta/ bread/ etc.

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