new to the group..would like to say "hi"

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Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

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  • Ragdollgirl


    Hi! I’m new too

  • Merral


    ✋ hi! New to the group as well

  • Ragdollgirl


    I recently switched to Orencia from Embrel 4 weeks ago. I have the worse joint pain when I sleep and when I wake up. Anybody else have issues with that drug?

  • Merral


    Yes. When I wake up my feet and wrist hurt. I hurts to walk. It takes awhile for it to go away. I’ll take artiking or ibuprofen. I haven’t started on the medicine the doctor prescribed me.

  • Ragdollgirl


    I switched because I was having slightly more flare ups. Nothing like this. My husband has to literally pull me out of bed due to severe pain in my shoulders. My wrist, knees fingers kill me until I take a hot shower and get moving. I am a dental hygienist and like to play tennis but this is crazy

  • Beckibb


    I have hot packs that I put on my shoulders and my neck if I’m having any pain there but that usually just at night and it helps me go to sleep

  • Possumqueen


    ❤️ ✋hello. New as well.

  • sexkitten


    Hi New to the group as well❤️

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