hi. I put my dexcom on my arm. it is on my inner forearm. it really stung when I put it on. I actually think there could be a bruise. has it ever hurt to put them on? is it placed ok?

Diabetes Type 2 (T2D)

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  • Momof2


    I have never inserted my sensor in my forearm. I use my upper arms. It is painful at times.

  • Honeycomb127


    I use the freestyle, it's pretty pain free most of the time.

  • abrowncorson


    I put my Dexcom around my belt line. Never hurt. Never had an issue.

  • DianaRuuz


    Hello, I used the Freestyle Libre once in the inner upper arm but was painful. Since then I have continue to use it in the upper arm protected with an adhesive that keeps it secure and dried. I get it from Amazon and it's great!.

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