hello I am new to this place and I came here to say that last night I couldn't stop crying because my mom had passed away this Saturday and my dad who abuses me always uses it as an exuse just to hurt me me and him had a big fight he's trying to send me away to my original father who is a pedo and he's a jerk so I've been crying non stop and non of my friends will respond when I text them so yeah here's my sad sob story that I hardly tell anyone because they all think I'm doing it for attention :']


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  • shimba


    Its ok love we got you on this app

  • Meanevilperson


    Both those guys can eff off. If they don't add value to your life then don't put energy into them. I'm very sorry for your loss. I hope something beautiful can come from this tragedy for you and I hope you can heal in a way that makes you a better, happier person♥️

  • Iris29


    Very sorry for your loss of your Mother.

  • PurpleNanny


    I'm very sorry for your loss. You didn't mention how old you are. I hope that you're old enough to be able to move out on your own. Are there other family members that you could temporarily stay with until you can move out on your own? Stay strong and know that your mother would want you to be safe. 💞🫂💞

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