👋🏼 Hello! Have anyone ever experienced Sciatic nerve problems?
It's gotten to the point where I can't sleep at night on either side nor my back😔 I toss and turn all night no matter what I take for it.

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  • Gidgetmom


    Yes, since 2015. Get to a orthopedic Dr. I had no insurance until 2017. My Dr told me mine was so horrible because I waited so long for treatment. Mine was 24 7 365 a year. It was very life altering. It gets worse. It doesn't get better!

  • Elladolores


    Yes since 2010 is very bad I can’t sleep at all. 😥

  • PibblesandTea


    Yes. I recently had radio frequency ablation to quiet my nerves in my lower back & hips so I could continue wanting to live. It gets very difficult. Find a pain mgt Dr that listens!

  • nalabean


    yes i have, it was so bad for me i could barely get up out of bed. after the right treatment it will get better!

  • Waterlemon


    try to stretch your body out!! sometimes that will relieve the pain for at least a short time. google different stretches to specifically stretch out sciatic nerve areas. I hope you can find some relief somehow!!

  • Chaoswithinorder


    Yoga for sciatica is a godsend. Also, a good chiropractor can help more than pain management for pinched nerves.

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