Im really not trying to upset anyone with these mental illness I refer to! I just want to share some spiritual beliefs/theories I have. This is definitely not trying to invalidate anyone’s experience!!! It’s just how is see mental illnesses. I believe that “crazy” is just a word society uses to brainwash people. In reality people just access different parts of the brain than “normal people” some mental illness make you access less of the Brain, and some make you access more. Take schizophrenia for example: I believe that schizophrenia is just someone who can clearly see into different dimensions, and the 2(or more) dimensions sort of blend together and confuse someone with schizophrenia. With DID I believe you can astral project into this inner world that is in another dimension with other people (alters) in it. The alters can jump specifically into the dimension the body is in.
This is all just theoretical!! I like to look at my mental illness’s in this way :)


Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

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  • hails711


    Omg are we the same person?? I also go by the Sunflower System and the multidimensional thing was our main delusion while unmedicated. It still drifts back into my head though, and it makes me afraid that the other dimensional creatures see and/or are after me.

    • Syst.Sunflower


      that’s really crazy about the sunflower system lol. We haven’t been able to get medicated and it’s mostly prominent when we are under the influence of something. But I’m still super spiritual and don’t believe it’s a delusion. But It’s totally understandable about the fear of the creatures. I don’t run into many negative things like that, but I have felt like people have been watching me before so I understand that part. In my way of thinking, I believe our physical body is in this dimension and is safe but our mind is somewhere else basically astral projecting.

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