Hi recently diagnosed with dcis stage 0 grade 2.
The area is 1.5 cm and scattered calcifications which are cancer not benign.
Really don't want a mastectomy.
Anyone else have this type of cancer and not have a mastectomy?

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  • 55isMe


    Yes and no. Im a 2 timer. First time did chemo and radiation. 2nd time did a double mastectomy. Weird part is that i had to fight insurance to have the 2nd removed too. My surgeon fought for me. Strongly recommend that you get genetics testing if you havent already. But considering you are my age and this is your first breast cancer, i doubt genetic predisposed. So, id recommend the lumpectomy. That comment depends on where it is amd if the surgeon thinks he can make it look nice (not weird). My first was way up by armpit and lumpectomy didnt impair function. No Lymphedema. Etc. If you have an oncology surgeon, ask them. They see this day in and day out.

  • Kazzy


    I have not long finished Radiotherapy for dcis after having a lumpectomy in August. It was found by routine mamogram (in uk) and at first it was thought to have become invasive but it turned out to be wrong. Also around that time had a lymph node removed which was negative for cancer spread. I also had calcification which was my red flag to have a biopsy. The area was similar size to yourself and staged the same although they said it was high grade. Its pretty frightening but I think we just have to be as optimistic and enjoy ecery day. I also have Parkinsons so Im used to thinking this way. Good luck xxx Porlock

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