I am seeing my 1st ever Psychiatrist in a week and a half and I am so scared and full of even more anxiety. my primary has always prescribed my meds but they are no longer working and she is not comfortable prescribing anything stronger plus is trying to retire.

anyone give me advice/tell me what to expect as a new patient at a Psychiatrist office? I know if I know I'll feel a little bit better. If my oldest son is off he said he'd come with me as I find comfort with him with me and can say anything in front of him.

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  • FigureSkater03


    Typically you’ll b asked about your medical, psychiatric, family and personal history. You’ll be asked about current meds so have a list. You’ll be asked about medical concerns / disagnoses. You’ll be asked about family history of psychiatric issues. Be prepared for a lot of questions. If it turns out that one isn’t right for you that’s okay too I went through 3 before I stuck with one

  • kitkatbar


    Thank you!

  • Pfeiffer


    Be as honest as you can with the doctor so they can help you get the right medication combo

  • armeenis


    Don't forget that you are the boss. They work for you!

  • Kix


    I agree with the previous comments. The first session with a psychiatrist is mostly just stating history and facts, so there’s not too much to be nervous about just focus on the facts. Tell the truth, and even though they’re asking the questions you’re the one actually interviewing them not the other way around!

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