It's 2 am on my birthday and I'm crying so hard. I've lost 2 grandparents and my best friend and don't know what I can do to calm down. My boyfriend is asleep and idk what to do with myself...

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  • NicheCacophony


    It sucks that you’re crying on your birthday. I would try doing something, anything, that lifts your spirit. Games… music… art… etc. Get your mind off of what is making you anxious.

  • Astromarb


    My birthday was just this last Monday and I was in a similar boat — feeling lonely, helpless, anxious, etc Give the lonely hour on Spotify a chance :) I particularly like the episode with David Whyte and his poems on loneliness 💕

  • Schmetterlinge


    It was my birthday yesterday and despite having a room full of friends, I felt very similarly. I lost a baby and my engagement was called off recently. Loss and loneliness sucks. Just know that you are strong and the people you've lost would be so proud of you if they could see you right now

  • Captain_Honey


    I'm sorry for your loss. I can't say I know how it feels to loss people completely but I understand feeling like garbage on your birthday and being alone. I hope you've been able to make the best of a bad day but if you haven't I'd suggest doing something that has made you happy before. Whether it's watching a movie or going out. You deserve happiness.

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