Tips on getting past sensory overload with foods and how to move past food aversions!

Nausea and Vomiting

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • BeaBea


    I saw a really good tip on here about trying to meet your nutritional needs via safe textures— like instead of salad, maybe kale chips, since for me crunchy textures are better than soft. Maybe it’s the opposite for you! I also start my meals with a safe food and then move to scarier foods. I find it hard to try a less safe food when I’m very hungry.

    • Buggabugga


      i like this idea. Currently eating some toast on the homemade bread I made and for some reason it’s bothering me. It’s giving me the ick. I love crunchy so that could be why I’m not thrilled

      • BeaBea


        I’m the same way. And for me it’s so hard when I’m hungry because if I get too hungry I get nauseous and my sensory needs get even more specific which makes it hard to eat at all. Vicious cycle!

  • SunInAugust


    Ooooohhh I've got you!!! I was the pickiest eater for forever. I was so ashamed. 3 things have really helped me. 1. Changing my vocabulary. I no longer say "I dony like this". I say "I haven't found a way I like this yet". I keep trying in small or creative ways to become used to the sights the smell and the texture. Sometimes having the food on my plate is a step in the right direction even if I dont eat it. Its the unfamiliar and often overpowering sensations thst get me and I'm kind with myself as I try again and again. I mask foods with other strong flavors. Like avocado, I made quac with 2 whole limes for months to finally be okay with avocado. 2. Watch others eat the foods im afraid of. I will bring the food over and ask to eat together. Something about watching someone tells me its going to be okay. It helps sometimes. 3. **blender**. I make smoothies by blending them 3 times. It becomes a juice more or less. Great way to eat all the fruit and veg I wouldn't touch otherwise.

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