I live in the very South USA. It’s now summer and the humidity is the worst. I feel my mental health issues get worse because of the temperature. The older I get, I tolerate the heat less and less. I hate feel sweaty and gross all the time.
I keep my apartment at 67 degree.
Any any advice on how to tolerate the the heat better?

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  • Clcassel


    I sleep with small fan and an ice pack it helps immensely

  • Dad.of.Many


    I'm in the high south. Not as hot and humid thank goodness. Used to live and work in the deep south so I totally understand. I'm agoraphobic so i don't get out much. My worst issue is claustrophobia keeping me from being able to shower regularly. It terrifies me to even think about it. I keep a/c on and a fan on me at all times to keep sweating down, but still get heat rashes and nasty in the folds. I do the best I can washing with adult size wipes, powders, creams, dry shampoo, etc... but summertime is miserable, and everything together is embarassing.

  • Zelda_Ziggy


    Thanks it’s to the point where I am so uncomfortable at my closest friends hour because they have their ac on like 76. She is a tiny person but I hate just hanging out and talking and just swearing so much from just sitting there

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