Why are prescribers so intent on no benzos when they talk about them like they may actually help.. my friend took Xanax for 10 years, it got her a job and helped her stay with it. I understand the addiction aspect, but if that's always going to be the reason for refusal then why do those drugs exist in the first place?

Benzyl Benzoate

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  • Suze


    It's not meant to be used long term that's why. I've used it to get through bad days while working on getting control through better coping skills.

  • vickielove


    I was on it and it helped alil just so I can sleep but amxeity right back when I woke up

  • cosmocola


    yeah it can be bad for you long term, and frankly it works too well, which they're starting to realize now. it's really an as-needed medication for panic attacks

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