Anyone else subconsciously use disassociation as a coping mechanism? My therapist has been telling me it's ok, but they also say it's not lol. I feel like I need to stop this habit if I'm gonna be a functioning part of society, but it's such a comfy bubble that I make for myself and I don't want to leave it 😕

Attention-Deficit Disorder


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  • quebellaquetemporal


    yes I feel this. it’s strange because it’s a huge saving grace on the daily, yet I don’t actually reap any benefits from it beyond when i’m in that, and the crash of confidence/morale when I have to hit play after being on my pause mode is brutal :/

  • Maux


    A hundred percent. I often do that or turn to maladaptive daydreaming.

  • Katty


    Yeah I do this. It’s mostly a sensory/depression thing that I have 0 control over for me.

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