Need to rant: For me with my depression it takes aton of energy to be physically able in doing things outside of the house. I work ~50 hours a week and that takes a lot out of me. what do you do when your family leaves you out of the loop consistently? I have said I want to be apart of family outings and taking my nieces places. I don't want to be at home when I could be enjoying time out. I know that staying at home just makes me more anxious and depressed. But my family doesn't seem to understand (or care) and continually makes plans that do not include me or my husband.


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  • seaturtlrs


    I understand that I feel the same way

  • Bobbiesfx


    It's really great that you're advocating for yourself. I get this though, I worked graveyards for almost a year, which made it incredibly hard to even function during the daylight. Maybe try suggesting a time or activity to you family. It helped me reconnect with my friends and family.

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