I’ve been going through a pretty intense existential episode recently. Constantly getting deja-vu which makes me think I can see the future. I think about peoples thoughts and how they live their lives different from mine and then start asking myself why I’m different or why I can’t go out and be social for more than an hour. Then asking myself what’s real and not real out of nowhere. Feeling like I’m omniscient at times. I’m not sure what it is, all I know is that I’m stuck with this without any med changes till august cause I’m getting a new psychiatrist, and Kasier psychiatrist never have open appointments. I hope I can see some relief then, but until then it feels like every day I’m going deeper into the hole of psychotic symptoms. Hoping I can get through these next few months without a psychosis episode again and another hospital stint.

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    I’m sorry that you can’t do anything with meds, do you have a therapist? I would say you should go heavy with the therapy during this period. You can learn skills to stay grounded and try to avoid those thoughts, plus it’s good to tell someone about delusions. Good luck

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