any movies you guys watched as a kid that you just related to in terms of your disabilitys that just made me feel like you weren't alone? I used to really love lilo and stitch. I loved stitch the most but I could really relate to not being able to communicate my emotions correctly at the time and even now I sometimes struggle to communicate how I feel, I had strange interests and struggled making friends myself.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • Cameryn


    Not so much as a kid, but when I see certain characters from shows I’ve watched and they show some of the traits I have with High Functioning, it makes me feel more connected ☺️☺️☺️

  • PixelPyrope


    I have!! I have! When I was little I loved the little mermaid and monster high because with the little mermaid, I felt like I was worthy of being loved even if I had my hyper fixations with Ariel and with Ghoulia from monster high, to me, she was an open love letter to autistic kids, that they could be themselves with their best friends and hell, rule the school if they wanted

  • Reya


    Gosh, so many! Mable from gravity falls being one.

  • Keladry


    Although she’s not written as autistic, River Tam from Firefly was a huge one for me growing up. I saw myself in how she couldn’t control her feelings and how she seemed to speak and think in non-linear ways that didn’t make sense to the people around her ❤️

  • Cameryn


    Actually, now that I look at it, I connect a lot more now with many of the Tim Burton films I watched when I was young. Plus, it’s been more interesting when there’s rumors that Tim Burton himself might have High Functioning Autism 😌😌😌

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