does anyone know the feeling of not really being seriously desociated but enough to not focus on ANYTHING??? I was brushing my hair and then I just felt like I wasn't there??? and I felt out of body and weird and my mind was drifitng to nothing! like I just couldn't focus on bruhsing my hair all icould do was just stand there and not focus and just feel like im not there even tho I am? and If I continue to do the certain thing I was doing I do it half assed and super badly cause I just can't focus on anything at all like i just can't do it. something in me is just spaced the fuck out. does this make any sense to anyone??


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  • wise


    I get that feeling in the middle of doing stuff and then once the feeling passes I could not tell you what I had been doing or trying to do. I heard the words spoken to me, but my brain processed it like you just shoved wet spaghetti in my head

  • skiihii


    YESSS EXACTLYYYY. I can hear people talk and I even know what they said and it's like unexplainable... like I just somehow can't process it. Like I know what you said but at the same time it doesn't make any sense even tho it did???

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