Seems I have profound neuropathy. At least that's what one doc says. Have had so very many tests! Now absolutely nothing from docs! Total silence. 😠 Does anyone suffer from neuropathy? I have learned through my own studying that RA & neuropathy go hand in hand. What does this evil disease feel like to you? The numbness I understand but the pain! Oh god the pain! Even vicious cramps, Charlie horse like cramps, only worse. Makes my feet look like something out of a horror movie. Then the newest, cramps that affect an entire leg. The pain is more than I can bare but nothing works! Looking for advice please. Thank you!


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    I have been told by 1 dr i have it and by another i dont have it. I do have numbness down the sides of both legs and all my toes. It is worse now than ever. Yes I have pain and cramping but mostly on the L side. I just had back surgery 2 weeks ago. The dr said it may take months for all of my pain to subside. We will see. Have you tried diclofenac gel for the pain or gabapentin?

    • TabbysMom


      Gabapentin yes. I hate it! Makes me drunk. Can barely walk. Gel no. Thank you for your input! Pray your healing is faster than expected.

  • Marjo


    Yes I have both RA and Neuropathy of hands and feet on outside thighs. Hands & feet always cold : poor circulation. Flares include whole body pain and restless body! Lyrica, Hot Shower/bath seems to be the only thing that will stop it! Always Flares at Bedtime, I attribute to doing too much, can also just be hand, shoulder, arm pain! Severe fatigue is a controlling factor day to day struggle! Started Mehaltrexate; experiencing side effects. Any suggestions for RA medications?

    • TabbysMom


      I just can't tolerate the Lyrica. I can barely walk when I take it. I'm not sure what asking about RA meds but I take Humira injections once a week. Thank you & may healing be yours!

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