I've had GERD for 20 years resulting in severe halitosis. Nothing I've done has been able to help with my breath. I've modified my bed so I sleep on an angle. I strictly limit spicy foods, take daily probiotics, eat lots of fiber. I am on a keto/vegan diet 5 days a week. I only eat small amounts of meat on the weekends and no dairy at all. I see my dentist for cleaning every 6 months. I've been to my oncologist to check for polyps but have none. I've been to my GI who prescribed PPI's which caused severe gastro problems so those are off the table. I've been to an Otolongarogist for head CT scan and nasal/throat probe with no apparent cause found. I have tried oral probiotics in addition to regular probiotics, use smart mouth zinc based mouthwash, chew "mouth off" gum after meals but none of these things have helped. Every doctor I've seen days ill just have to live with this bad breath and I can't accept that answer. Are there any other things I can try that I've missed? This halitosis has affected my social and professional life. I think it has held me back from job promotions and definitely killed my confidence in social settings.



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  • Olya_Heidi


    Hey DaveyDo! Sounds all awfully familiar. Try to find the beat GI doc you can. Get X-Ray upper esophogram when you drink Barium to make sure everything is moving as supposed to. Also, endoscopy to make sure there are no bacteria H.p. And biopsy is clear. Basically, Gastroparesis maybe your answer. I wish I could tell you more. But that’s what I was just diagnosed with today after 20 years of suffering. Looking for new solutions given my diagnosis. There is hope to make it all better. Write! It’s not easy to talk to anyone about these issues in real life.

  • Olya_Heidi



  • WinchesterCarabao


    Damn..I knew it. Not alone in this one. I've had it for maybe 10-15 years. Will suggest to my doctor these. Please keep us updated on your progress, DaveyDo & Olya_Heidi!

  • Sevenn


    I to am going through something similar I can’t get rid of it no matter what I do. 😥 I have tried probiotics I thought it might be a h polyri got tested for it and now my GI thinks I need to take miralax everyday and wants to see me back in august. Ent gave me famotidine reflux and mupirocin because I thought I had a nose bacteria. NOTHING IS WORKING

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