Does anyone know what vitamin deficiency would cause, headaches, dizziness, sore joints (neck, knees, feet, lower back) fatigue, tired but can't sleep, restless leg, dehydration (not getting hydrated after drinking water), and extreme hunger, (never feeling full)?

Chronic Headache



Generalized pain

Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS)

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  • fridakhalifa


    Some of these symptoms seem like they could be associated with hormone issues and possibly under active or overactive thyroid. But for symptoms like fatigue, dizziness, and restless leg my immediate thoughts go to B12, Omega-3’s, and Magnesium. B12 and Omega 3’s are both vital to the development of the brain and it’s functions but also maintenance of those functions. For overall fatigue and especially restless leg caused by anxiety, I’ve heard that many benefit from magnesium in their regimens. Overall helping the heart as well as stabilizing certain brain functions that could aid in sleep

  • Neomi


    I think those symptoms could have to do with a variety of different vitamin deficiencies and it's hard to tell. I suggest going to your doctor and getting some lab work done which could lead to a simple diagnosis. Hope you'll feel better🙏

  • Lolita


    Hey, your symptoms can be caused by vitamins deficiencies but it also sounds like so many other things can cause them. Have you seen a doctor or had any blood work done?

  • Gracieee


    @Lolita yes and when this all started I was iron deficient. And since last year and now I was trying to get my iron up it was a on and off thing because money but anyway fast forwarding to now, I went back to the dog and they said I was FINE and that my iron level are normal, I'm kinda side eyeing that because I still feel the same since last year, same symptoms same pain.

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