i went to the Santa Cali Gon on Saturday it was so fun we road rides and played a couple of games and got lemonade then we went to the side that sold stuff bc I wanted a Pikachu bc I couldn't win the big one or win at all that is lol. so mom wanted to take a break from walking and smoke and I hate when she smokes cigarettes bc it gives me a headache and makes my stomach feel icky I tell her that a lot but she seems to not care so I started to walk away but I turned around and mom wasn't there so I couldn't find her. so I started the search of trying to find a Pikachu then after the 20th stand I found the pikachu and started to look for mom and couldn't find her anywhere. it was very loud and everyone was in my bubble and touching me bc it was so crowded there was a mixture of smells it was very annoying and so I walked all the way bace to the ride part of the fair and their was this man showing off his motorcycle and turning it on so I just covered my ears and rushed back to the ride part of the fair and stood by the fence and waited for my mom to find me finally she did and my sister ran up to me and tried to hug me and I just pushed her away kind of and she got mad at me. but that whole time I lost mom I was trying so hard to not have a panic attack/meltdown. lol 不 I know it sounds a bit funny but it's true lol. 不不不不

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  • Amay


    I am glad you are ok.and that you found you mom. I would have done the same thing and i am glad you can look back on this and have a laugh now.

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