everyday I see people skinner, prettier and just overall better then me and I envy them I go home and wish I was them I even hate my friends for being so pretty sometimes their all just so good at everything, social stuff, style, grades and im just some fat average person and I know it's bad I just wish I was like everyone else. how do I get it to stop? I don't want to envy others all the time


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  • nickelodeon


    It's no easy feat to love yourself, I'm working on it every day. I just try to list the best things about myself

  • emstability666


    The fact that we all do this means that someone envies you silently.

  • meridian


    the truth is the "ideal body" is always changing. your own body also changes jealousy is only a natural reaction when all your life you've held yourself to some image that isn't necessarily easy to fulfill ... then you see others who *seem* to be thriving and having attributes + opportunities you could only dream of having. that being said, no one's life is amazing 100% of the time. if you see them having xyz [insert amazing thing] then you might hyperfocus on that but there could be areas of their life that aren't visible to you where they also struggle, etc. so what can ppl do? they can try to do things they find enjoyable and not just to see how good they are at it. even hanging out less with those friends who make you feel like that. it's all valid feelings, even though they're "toxic" - it's not your fault that you feel / think that way. you just have to find experiences that allow you to truly appreciate yourself.

  • weenor420


    you know that feeling when you see someone walking and you are like “wow they are beautiful” even tho they don’t look like basic instagram models? yeah someone has seen you and thought the exact same thing. you are beautiful

  • bomb


    i’m not sure how to fix this…if you figure out let me know because I also do this

  • Aesha


    I feel the same way sometimes. When this happened I try to stop comparing myself to others and remind myself that the people I envy are also envious of others and probably feel the same way as me at times. I also list qualities about myself that I like and things I’m proud of when I catch myself thinking negatively about myself.

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