So I'm a STAHM and I hardly have friends anymore. I had a falling out with some friends, and now I'm having a hard time with my depression and Bipolar because I'm alone so much it drives me nuts. Would anyone be willing to be friends with me? is there anyone in my area? i live in the DFW area

Postpartum Depression (PPD)

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  • DJ_Skellytore


    hi i’ll be your friend i’m new to this app so i’m not sure how. lmk

  • MrsSpiffyPants


    Sure. You can add me on snapchat @pikagirl_07

  • DJ_Skellytore



  • Neomi


    Hello STAHM, you are not alone! We are all here because we suffer from similar conditions and want to meet more people who are going through the same. Have you tried talking to a therapist? It really helped me because I could say things to her that I can't say to my closet friends, and even my husband- without worrying it will affect my relationship.

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