Has anyone ever had a cervical fusion surgery fail? I had surgery at c5-6 and c6-7. The implants they used caused the c6 disc to collapse and left the implants touching each other, actually causing the upper wing of device to fracture. My surgeon is no longer practicing, and her PA was moved. So I can't even discuss this with them. I've seen 2 other neurosurgeons and 1 said nothing we can do and even mentioned an attorney. The other one said an electrical stimulator implant. Anyone have anything similar?


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  • Pandora40


    That is truly awful, I am so sorry. I have not had anything like that happen. It sounds to me like speaking to an attorney may potentially be worth it. Was this right after the surgery or did it happen some time later?

    • Sgt_Rach


      My right arm was paralyzed for 4 months after surgery and they kept telling me to give it 12-14 months to heal. I told them about my pain at every recheck. Finally at 12 months I pushed it further to get rechecked and found out its all screwed up..but my surgeon had already left. And - the original surgery was supposed to be a disc replacement, because I was adamant about NOT having a fusion so young. I ended up with a fusion and found out about it a year later. Was convinced I had a disc replacement because that's all we discussed. Looking back on the paperwork shows only fusion, which is just not true. Never ever would I had consented to a fusion. But, I mean, what can I do? The papers say fusion. So it's my word against a hospital with signed paperwork. I've been bamboozled! She ruined my life and now I can't even talk to her about it.

  • Pandora40


    I feel like there must be some type of repair another surgeon could do for you, unless you are opposed to having another surgery. I had an ACDF at C 5-6. At the time C 6-7 also had problems and I was told it's possible that level will need to be addressed at another time. The problems I was having before the surgery (numbness/tingling and weakness in my arm) are starting up again after about 3 years. I am not sure if this is due to level 6-7 or another issue. I figure once it starts severely interfering with my life again I will have to start the whole process again.

  • Lorenzo


    You can have the fusion reversed into an artificial disc. There is a surgeon who does it in California. I had a fusion and months later still in terrible pain. Going to see this guy to have it reversed.

    • CCe


      Is the reversed surgery covered by insurance?

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