I'm continually experiencing symptoms related to the multiple conditions I suffer from, but the one with the biggest overall impact is fatigue. I'd like to find out how others are able to cope, manage, and accept limitations.

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Myalgic encephalomyelitis/ Chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS)

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  • WWW


    I've been taking adderall for narcolepsy and use a BiPAP machine for obstructive sleep apnea. A sleep study is helpful if you have a undiagnosed sleep disorder. Have you been allergy tested. Don't give up.

  • strongone


    I found out my vitamin d was low. I started taking that and it helped. I stoped recently taking because if you take too much of it it can also make you feel the same way. I was also recently diagnosed with sleep apnea severe. Try to get those tests that may help.

  • smellingbooks


    Thanks for the helpful ideas, and I wish I could say that I could try those things, but I already have. The sleep study, the allergy tests, and I take extra Vit D as well after discovering I did have an efficiency there. I have tried everything for fatigue as far as medication is concerned. On my 6th (I think) try, I was helped a great deal by Adderall. That's just another concern for me though, because I've now been taking it quite some time and have reached the limit on dosage. I still think it's helping, but I also can't function without it. It really seems like a lose/lose situation at times, but it's really good to be able to talk with others who have the same or similar experiences or troubles. My goal has always been to fight against these illnesses, so losing isn't something I want to consider. I guess that's why we really are warriors!

  • WWW


    Since taking adderall for 19 yrs, I believe my tachycardia was caused by it. I take Altenenol for it, and though it sucks to be on meds, I get to be awake without dozing off w/o it.

  • Jlync80


    I suffer from cronic fatigue, for many many years and just now getting some answers. They keep misdiagnosing w depression. I have tried it all. Currently I am taking magnesium , D-ribose, and Kratom. It's not for everyone tho the Kratom. Can b addicting. I haven't had an issue myself. And the pain that comes along w it I treat w medical marijuana. I'm getting by but it's always going 2b a struggle.

    • Hass


      yes, me too. Medical marijuana helps me deal with the emotional toll of constant chronic fatigue and pain. I can’t do kratom, I’m way too sensitive. Herbs, vitamins and the right strains of organic medical marijuana have really helped the day to day functioning of my mind and body. Every day is a push.

  • Telescopial


    Nothing has helped, but I’m training to become a software engineer so that I can use tech to help our community. Every year I develop a new pain, side effect, or condition and I believe it’s either autoimmune or just a result of stress on the body from lack of treatment.

    • Hass


      My brother is super sick from mold exposure. He trained to become a software engineer and can now work remotely with all of his symptoms. Good luck! Money always makes things easier:)

  • MummaD11


    Have you tried pacing? It has significantly helped me get a better handle on my capabilities and energy.

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