I have a bad food addiction. no matter what I will make myself order any kind of fast food and eat till I get sick. I'm so overweight it's literally killing me. my wife left me almost 2 years ago. we have 2 kids together both girls. 1 had autism and she's so amazing and the other is always wanting to be like her big sister. I keep telling myself to do better for them so I can be around long enough but food literally takes over my life. I'll go into debt and everything. therapy doesn't help either. I feel like I don't matter and I'm just a waste of space.

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  • jipperoni


    First of all, you matter. I don’t care what your brain tells you, you truly matter. Despite what anyone else says, you still matter. Don’t ever doubt that. With food, however, I had problems with BED for 3-4 years and would gain nearly 50 pounds within a month or two. It was an on and off struggle back then, and it still is now. It’s a slow process to change your eating habits, and an even slower process to change your body to getting used to new eating habits. My biggest advice is to take a walk each day and try to go down one snacking period per day. Start small and work your way up. Don’t look at the goal as a whole since that will make you feel bogged down and unable to accomplish your goal. You got this!! :)

  • EternalEyes


    Yes in addition to that take it a step further. Don't just look to change your eating habit, look to change your eating lifestyle. Focus on changing the types of food you're eating into healthy types of foods and then focus on the portion sizes. But of course do this in increments and in baby steps. What would significantly help is if you could find a buddy or a partner to do this with you so you could hold each other accountable someone who can fight the fight with you

  • winniexo


    If it’s within your means, try to find an eating disorder dietician with experience with T2D. Most mainstream weight loss advice will not help as much, especially if you’re in a bad place mentally. Look into BED as another commenter mentioned. The best support you can get is from a professional. Would recommend adding “HAES” (health at every size) as a search term—you are much less likely to receive any judgement about your eating habits from a HAES provider.

  • Swerve


    I'd like to help. At this level of addiction, you have to recognize food as a drug. You're chasing dopamine and serotonin. You need to replace the source, because you're too deep on food. I suggest something that involves walking. If you're out of ideas, try Pokemon go or geomining crypto. As far as your diet, even small impovments help. Seperate your diet from what makes your brain feel good, and instead eat things that make your body feel good. You have to change your relationship with food. DM me if you like. I've been managing my own addictions since puberty.

  • Gunner78


    Thank u everyone for replying! Honestly just getting responds on here helps alot. My mom passed in 2016 at the age of 46 years old out of nowhere and that has lead me to comfort eating. Also then my wife saying she is tired of seeing a depressed blob on the couch and kicks me out not even 3 weeks after our 2nd daughter was born. I've always thought it was postpartum issues with her but she's still the same way today and it hurts when all u cam think about is her.

  • Findingok


    There's a lot of really good advice on here. I'd like to add in why I think we're always chasing serotonin and dopamine. We're usually running from unhealed pain and trauma and the fact that we usually add to it by beating up on ourselves doesn't help much either. The first thing I had to do was to learn how to face it and figure out what I was running from. This is usually only done with a counselor or therapist, but just starting to understand that it was me trying to get away from all those uncomfortable feelings is what really started me on my path towards healing. We each have our own journey but it helps to hear what's helped others on their journeys. I'd like to throw my hat into the ring if you'd like to talk more about this stuff. You can message me anytime. 😉

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