I've always struggled with wording specific things. My sentences tend to not make sense, I struggle with finding the right word, I'm currently struggling with a stutter and trying to put words together even when I can't think of one. I also recently lost a group of friends because of how I worded things and how I tried to deal with the issue.

I need advice on how I can recover from this and deal with the issue mentally, emotionally, and physically.


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  • JustRachelle


    Research “throat charka” 💕

  • Poppy_seeds


    I will, so far as I have read it's saying it's most likely blocked. I think it's because of my braces and my stutter and me falling into depression again. This situation happened many times. I thank you for giving me this advice and help. ^^

  • Deer


    I’ve found that slowing down and giving myself a second to think can help with my speech problems. You can also try AAC, I’ve found that on the really bad days it can be really helpful to have some sort of text-to-speech.

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