Does anyone else struggle with eating because of depression? I'm trying my best but it was really hard to even convince myself to have a bowl of soup.


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  • vanitas


    yes :(( for me it has nothing to do with weight or appearance, eating just isn't enjoyable for me anymore. same with drinking water. sometimes i'll go a day or two without eating and suddenly have 3 bowls of rice krispie cereal at 4 in the morning tho

  • Maux


    Thank you! I experienced something similar. Instead of wanting to pursue what might help, often my depression makes me pull away from those things.

  • Jordyn_not_irl_name_


    I do as well, when your in that state of mind it usually feels like, why bother, those feelings can usually leave a pit in my stomach and it makes me not eat or drink for a while which leads to headaches since I usually go 2 days without a sip of water

  • Sephauris


    For some reason I can’t really tell when I’m hungry, and when I want to eat because I know I’m hungry I can only eat a little bit without feeling like I need to throw up.

  • Dylusional


    I find it hard to eat food sometimes when I'm having a bad depressive episode. But because of my ED I'll usually either won't eat much/or I'll eat too much. Whether it be nutritious or not. Like today I ate an entire box of Cheezits and that was it until my mom forced me to eat a sub. I've found something that helps me is even if I'm not hungry at I'll try to shove something in there. Whether it be a granola bar, chocolate, a vegetable/fruit or chips. Sometimes even the most unhealthy of items is better than nothing.

  • pikameuh


    yeah i completely relate. i realized today that i haven’t eaten anything the past 3 days other than a cookie. i try to make myself eat but it’s like im force feeding myself. I find protein shakes and supplements can help when im going through this

  • urmom999


    Yeah, I have lost a lot of weight in the past depressive disorder. I believe I lost about 45lbs. It's difficult to get out of bed or eat, and I have no appetite. Even when I do eat, it's difficult to get through the plate. However, I've found that getting your favorite foods or having easy meals around can help. It's better to eat something quick or repetitive than not to eat at all. Sometimes, just eating can be the thing to help you start to get out of a hard place.

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