I'm not sure if pcos is necessarily the reason my voice is deeper but regardless i do have a deeper more monotone voice than i guess most women do and im extremely insecure about it and my little sister ALWAYS almost everyday says something about it or tells me I sound like a man and I know it shouldn't bother me especially because she's just a kid but it makes me feel so bad about myself and I wish she would stop but no matter how many times i ask her to stop she just doesn't ~~ idk what to do because my parents don't care either

Polycystic Ovary (PCOS)

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  • Savathun


    I have the same issue sometimes when I am gaming and I have my mic on alot of people think I am a guy and it triggers my insecurities

    • Twenty


      literally ~~ I used to go into discord chats a lot but everyone thought I was a man and it made me so uncomfortable that I just stopped ☹️

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