what has been the most difficult to get back after your stroke as far as movement

Intracranial Hemorrhage

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  • Duuude


    A good walking gait. I feel like I have a limp that’s noticeable. Might be a learned habit though. I’m so used to putting more strain on my unaffected side to do most of the work. But everything is the long game, right? Just using it to fuel my efforts to exercise at home.

  • ADT


    My right side of my body was affected and other than walking it had to be writing in school. Too me a long time to get my hand and arm to get back to what it was. I still don’t think it is, or ever will, but it does feel better over time

  • goodtimes


    A straight gait. When I am tired my gait goes first. Also when the weather chills me to the bone. Sometimes you can't tell I have gait issues at all. Weird🤷‍♀️

    • AlwaysGrateful


      yes!! I’m always so cold! So I just bundle up! That helps

    • AlwaysGrateful


      Fatigue always makes me wobble… So the best thing to do is rest before getting tired. 🙂 Listen to your body it will tell us exactly What it needs. And up to us to carry it Through👍

  • Tommy2.0


    A good running gait!🙏

  • khallidah


    Knowing my right arm who work anymore 😥

  • Beem


    My left arm twitches a lot. My stroke was caused by preeclampsia, and I don’t think when my baby comes home, I’ll even be able to stop the twitches when I hold him.

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