a lot in my lifetime I feel like I need the simplest things explained to me. it's a little embarrassing but.
can someone explain in the best detail possible. what does it mean to get out of your head.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • cozybunbun


    Figures of speech have always confused the heck out of me too. "Get out of your head" normally refers to when someone is overthinking or over analyzing something. It could be that someone has gotten lost in their thoughts and appears withdrawn and isn't paying attention to what their body is doing. Or that someone is trying to use logic to avoid feeling overwhelmed by their emotions.

  • TheRealHope17


    • "Get out of your head" means stop worrying. Often, by distracting yourself from the worrisome thoughts. - For example, if someone is worried they may "get out of their head" by playing video games. • It can also mean to take a break from a difficult task. Often, as a way to refresh your mind. - For example, a computer programmer struggling to make a code may "get out of their head" by taking a break from coding, and come back to it later. Hope that helps 🤗

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