Does anyone else deal with super dry skin?? If so, whats the best way to keep it moist throughout the day?


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  • Priestess


    Right out of the shower dry off a bit and put on a moisturizer and seal it in with either an oil or Vaseline/aquaphor. I swear it’s a lifesaver

  • Edboi0904


    Aveeno has an amazing oat lotion it is a life saver and they have oat baths which is great for eczema I think it's a tan with a blue label

  • lily234


    I agree, right out of the shower. I read that taking hot showers causes moisture to leave the skin so you should seal it back in with moisturizer while your skin is still damp. I just tried this recently and I've had massive improvements

  • SydneyT


    I use a tone of Eucerin and I have heard that taking cod oil really helps.

  • ashbr00ke


    Lotion right out of the shower after drying off, I do it every day :) Vaseline brand is my favorite

  • Avaria


    Try a humidifier in your room too! If you live in a dry climate!

  • Tenny820


    My dermatologist told me to avoid using scented lotions or oils. Use thicker lotions that lock in moisture, not water based. I'm currently using CeraVe healing ointment. It's a thick lotion that prevents water from easily escaping your limbs. I use it every day and I can tell you that it definitely makes my skin less itchy. Also avoid hot baths and showers.

  • robinanderson30


    I keep lotion at my desk at work and I am constantly using it. Hempz lotion is so amazing! I highly recommend Pep O Mint! It smells amazing and feels so good!

  • em03


    i'm obsessive with lotion, i always have a small container with me. it's mostly my hands and neck that feel dry.

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