I suffered from this over the summer, intense migraines, neck pain, and extreme fatigue. I got a lumbar puncture and have been on medications for it as well. I haven’t had the symptoms since, but my vision was damaged and I’m wondering if anyone has had lasting effects from it as well.

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  • lorn


    it’s made my vision “grainy” so it looks like tv static especially noticeable when im looking at solid colored objects

  • MTbri


    I haven't been able to read labels off anything besides plain paper or computer/phone screen since my ER lumbar puncture. If I push my limit then everything goes blurry and I can't read without my glasses.

  • Mollie_H


    I had 20/20 vision before I started taking Minocycline in 2012 for acne,which is what they think caused my IIH. My vision was getting worse every 6 months until I got diagnosed a year ago and went on a diuretic for 5 months. After that my pressure has been good at my Neuro Opthamology appts. My script for glasses hasn’t changed in a year now. They check the pressure through my eyes instead of ever doing an LP again,in another comment I explained I got a CSF leak from my LP and it gave me a horrible what they call spinal headache,I thought it was just normal back pain after the LP but it got so bad I had to call my dad and have him bring me to the ER. To patch the hole they had to,bedside in the ER with no sedation,draw blood from my arm and inject it into my spinal cord to patch the hole up to stop the leak. I also was in a lot of pain during the LP which supposedly isn’t normal. Phew has it been a year😅

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