Hello, a little background on me, I was diagnosed with PCOS in July of 2021. I was put on metformin and stopped taking it after two weeks, i felt horrible! I was told that one of my Fallopian tubes we blocked but people have gotten pregnant with just one šŸ‘šŸ¾. I wanted to know if anyone just mainly struggles with the ā€œInsulin Resistanceā€ part of PCOS & if so what are some things that you guys have been doing or taking to help with it.


Polycystic Ovary (PCOS)

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  • linnynae


    I'm in same boat, except for wanting more kids... I know fasting has helped my insulin resistance

  • LyssaLou


    When I was first put on Metformin I felt horrible too. Did they start you out on a lower dose and gradually work it up or did they just give you the medicine? If they didn't work up to the dose you are supposed to be taking then that could be the problem, that was my problem. I now successfully take it every day twice a day.

    • Keria


      they started me on the 800 mg and told me to start off with once a day and gradually up the dose to twice a day. I just couldnā€™t keep running to the bathroom every 20-30 minutes. It was a lot.

  • ThePhoenix


    I am currently on metformin now but I was told by my doctor that I need to exercise and eat healthy. So I have been taking up running. I downloaded an app called start running that helps you slowly get used to running by having you walk for 1 minute then run for one minute. When it comes to healthy eating I normally try to eat what I like but I just make it healthy.

  • tisha712


    Have any one ever tried cinnamon brand that lowers sugar

  • EmilyAnn


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