Does anyone feel extremely cold with chills and shivering and then hot with sweating off and on? It will literally be minutes in between. I’m not sure if it’s from Raynuads or Fibromyalgia but it didn’t start until after the first Raynuads attack last month.

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  • Saph


    I get that sometimes but have no clue what it's related to. Never had a reynauds attack personally, but I guess it could be the fibro since that's gotten much worse for me the past couple years

    • JustRachelle


      my fibromyalgia has gotten worse too so it’s difficult for me to distinguish. 😩 I see that we both have fibromyalgia & Raynuads. If you don’t mind me asking.. if you didn’t have a Raynuads attack how were you diagnosed? What test etc were done?

      • Saph


        all of my diagnosis have spiraled out of my lupus, but for the reynauds it was a combination of obvious poor circulation and hands and feet turning blue/purple in the winter. Out of curiosity, did you notice your fibro getting worse around the time you got the covid vaccine? (I'm absolutely pro vax and it was the right choice that I got it, but that's the running theory me and my doctor have based on the timeline of when things got bad for me)

  • SJP


    Mine is from dysautonomia. I have Raynaud's phenomenon, postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, and neuropathy, and lupus, all of which mess with my autonomic nervous system (temperature control, sweat, etc).

  • k8lynt


    I have gotten that more recently. The weather is 80s same I'm freezing then I'm sweating then I'm freezing again!

  • coldgypsy


    Hot flashes maybe.. on top of Ranaud's?

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