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Chronic Pain

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

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  • Kami


    What are you doing right now?

  • Aspie3


    Treatments that might help what exactly?

  • hmm


    low dose naltrexone (4.5mg) & levocetirizine/xyzal (5mg) is what i take for preventing/reducing pain flare ups (i still get them really bad sometimes tho, just less frequent!). Make sure you aren't doing any strenuous exercises/high impact sports; you can look up which ones impact joints (i'm assuming this is abt hEDS, if not these things might not apply to you) low impact is what's recommended for EDS, specifically swimming, pilates & yoga. Swimming is lower impact than the other two from my understanding! also PT if you're able to do it, just make sure your therapist knows you have EDS! otherwise they might push you too far, over extend u, etc. so just make sure to communicate clearly with them what your limits are, a good PT will listen to you. If they don't, then definitely try somewhere else if it's available (if you end up doing PT at all ofc!). A lot of ppl with EDS also have GI issues, so you might want to look into that for yourself- even if you're asymptomatic, it's still a possibility (but it's your health journey so that's something for you to decide ofc!). I personally have celiac disease & possibly other GI issues that i haven't gotten the chance to check out yet. Mobility aids are also really helpful! I use joint braces sometimes and compression gear! There's even compression gloves if you experience joint pain in your hands (again, assuming you're talking about hEDS, if not this might not apply). Also canes & wheelchairs if you're able to afford it & if those might be helpful for you; it all depends on your own mobility & pain level (and what you can afford/do of course) Another thing that helps me personally is cannabis, but that's not for everyone, especially if you're underage or it isn't available where you live, but as far as temporary relief goes it does wonders for me, especially indica. CBD oils & supplements might help too, but i personally haven't tried much of those. Overall, treatments really depend on the individual and what you're able to do- physically, financially, and otherwise. I hope this helped either way though!

  • hmm


    also something i forgot to add- epsom salt baths. they're amazing & easy to find in stores. there's some that are even specifically for chronic pain!

  • Belle640


    Low-dose Naltrexone. It’s been nothing short of miraculous for me.

  • Fibrofoggirl


    Tramadol and Cymbolta help me a lot more than every other meds I’ve taken

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